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A How to Cheat Sheet on Necklaces

Finally you are on the path to a necklace collection that can work with any look you create, both professionally and personally. Now you are wondering what works and does not work? Continue reading to learn how...

  1. Over layering is not attractive, so keep it simple. Remember don’t let your layered necklace compete with your bracelets or earrings.

  2. How to make a statement with statement necklaces? Try layering your necklaces by combining a statement necklace with a longer chain link necklace. When layering these pieces let the bolder necklace rest just above the cleavage and the longer chain necklace rise gracefully above the waistline.

  3. Street style is not just for the weekend. Purchase mix metal, leather and spiked necklace to add a bit of edge to your everyday look, for work or late night play. The professional you can ramp up your look with new accessories. Think ear crawlers or ear jackets with a bit of bling.

  4. Mix and match materials by highlighting style. Gold and silver can work together if you select the right necklaces.

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