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4 Ways to Create the Luxury Jewelry Look.

Contrary to popular belief, luxury is not out of reach for your average shopper. It doesn't matter what is your style - if you are a trendsetter or streetstyle beauty - go ahead and curate jewelry that is uniquely perfect for you and remember to think luxury.

When you think about luxury, you think about elegant beautiful jewelry that stands out, made with craftsmanship and high-quality standards and materials. Usually these traits associated with luxury are not affordable or within the means of the typical shopper. However curating luxury pieces that work takes time, but once you find the right piece, there will be numerous uses.

Shoppers need to be prepared. It is best to have your favorite fine jewelry items ready when a special occasion or once-in-a-lifetime event pops up. How do you prepare? Always have a budget in mind with the amount you are willing to spend and stick to it. You never know when a casual window shopping experience may lead to a unique jewelry item find.

As a budget shopper, research is everything! Get to know the names of gem stones and other semi-precious stones learn to look at craftsmanship. The right luxury look can be found anywhere, even at your favorite local fair. So be prepared with knowledge to guide your purchase.

The well-crafted handmade jewelry necklace or earrings that feature semi-precious stones may give you the luxury look you seek and will not break your budget. Search out up and coming artist with unique jewelry looks like the one below.

Jewelry can be an emotional decision, both good and bad. Tune into your inner self to see if you really connect with the piece. Does the piece really work with your style? Are you happy to wear it? Is it fleeting happiness or a feeling that will be evoked every time you wear your jewelry?

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