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Earrings: How to Perfectly Frame Your Face

Think of that picture that always makes you smile. You know, the one of you and your friends enjoying life. Deciding on the picture frame for that picture was not a simple cavalier thing. Well, framing your face with the right earrings is a make or break decision on the look you are creating for yourself.

Earrings the right way means selecting the perfect type of earring for your outfit and your face. Here are three ways to get you started.

Small stud earrings

Stud earrings are ideal for the highly active individual or for adding glitz and glam. These earrings frames every face perfectly. For oval, square or any other shaped face, the stud earrings beats all others for fitting the shape of the face. Small stud earrings are totally wearable, allowing the wear to move from outfit to outfit. What is the ultimate stud earrings? Diamonds, any girls bestfriend. Diamonds are the versatile, go with anything, wear anywear dazzle earrings.

The Stunner

Wipe out these attention getting stunners, chandelier earrings, to add 'wow' to your outfit. Keep the look simple by passing on bold statement necklace or chunky bracelets. The chandelier earrings demands attention. The oval-shaped face is the picture that will grace these earrings the best. Style the hair in a bun or any updo to showcase the chandelier earring casually carressing the shoulders.

Drop earrings

When you want to add color to your outfit, beautiful drop earrings will brighten your look and framing your face to create a hint of glam without a big bold statement. Drop earrings are great for every face shape, depending on the length of the earrings. Select these earrings hang just below the chin line or mid-point between the chin line and the top of the shoulder. Vogue Magazines take on long drop earrings is these dazzlers add punch to any summer frock.

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