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A Guideline to Wearing Necklaces

Jewelry can be a very personal expression of style, a reflection of spirit. A necklace can elevate a look and bring life to an outfit. Big and bold or small and delicate, a necklace lifts a look.

So, what is the best approaches to wearing a necklace? Smiple, always keep it chic. Filigree NYC's guideline describes some ways to leave home with chic style with the right necklace.

Create a statement

A bib necklace or vibrant choker demands attention and does not want to share it with an other item of clothing. Consider the statement necklace to be the life of the party, only wanting eyes focused on it. Keeping that in mind, forgo any other jewelry that competes with the statement necklace. You may need to think about an outfit that works with and not against the necklace.

Notsure what to wear with specific outfits, here are a few examples.When wearing a foral dress, select a clear crystal style piece, to ensure the necklace enhances to dress without detracting from the outfit. Cotton tops are a must for the summer, so take a simple top and ramp up the style with color. Add the necklace for a pop of color, or contrast color for interest.

Hemlines makes a difference

Long dresses and skirts are ideal for draping necklaces. Short hemlines works best with shorter necklaces. There are times an outfit may require a deviation from the norm. Consider the flow of the hemline, and how fitted it is.

Layered necklaces

Mix necklace shapes and lengths for a festive, statement look. Remember to only add a few strands for a stylized look. After all, you do not want to appear weighted down. Some of the best outfits to wear with layered necklaces are jackets, collared shirts and t-shirts.

Keeping your look chic is simple, just always remember to have fun with your style.

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