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Three Ways to Update Your Look to a Sleek Style

When you feel your closet is getting a bit tired and need a quick update, adding stunning jewelry to any look is an easy refresher. Bracelets takes a look from drab to fabulous in no time.

1. Think Big, Bold, Bracelets

Weekend casual shorts and t-shirts are easy go to looks when hanging out with friends. Ramp up this casual look with geometric 'power' bracelet. Shop Filigree NYC selection of bracelets

geometric bracelet

2. Delicate and Dynamic

A corporate meeting or special mother-in-law brunch can be nerve racking. Days of preparation on what to wear for the big day. Keeping the outfit simple is always a good trick. Highlight the outfit with a delicate bracelet and wear simple jewelry all around. Filigree NYC handmade bracelets add a delicate and elegant touch for those special events.

gold bracelet, chailn link

3. Stack 'em UP

Feelling a litte artistic or street style is your favorite look. Then create a unique personal street style with stackable bracelets. Mix and match bracelets, call out color, blend leather with metal - there no limits when you create stackable jewelry looks.

stackable bracelets

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