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Three Ways to Update Your Look to a Sleek Style

When you feel your closet is getting a bit tired and need a quick update, adding stunning jewelry to any look is an easy refresher. Bracelets takes a look from drab to fabulous in no time.

1. Think Big, Bold, Bracelets

Weekend casual shorts and t-shirts are easy go to looks when hanging out with friends. Ramp up this casual look with geometric 'power' bracelet. Shop Filigree NYC selection of bracelets

2. Delicate and Dynamic

A corporate meeting or special mother-in-law brunch can be nerve racking. Days of preparation on what to wear for the big day. Keeping the outfit simple is always a good trick. Highlight the outfit with a delicate bracelet and wear simple jewelry all around. Filigree NYC handmade bracelets add a delicate and elegant touch for those special events.

3. Stack 'em UP

Feelling a litte artistic or street style is your favorite look. Then create a unique personal street style with stackable bracelets. Mix and match bracelets, call out color, blend leather with metal - there no limits when you create stackable jewelry looks.

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