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How to Select the Best Jewelry for Summer.

Now that summer is here, finding the best must-have jewelry can be a costly adventure. Some traditional looks will take a step back and others will add to your existing look. So as the temperature rises, expect earrings to as well, with beautiful ear crawlers. Anklets may appear again, which means, the focus will be on the feet. Get you pedicure ready. If you're looking to accessorize your outfits with something bright and fun, read ahead for a quick guide on how to select the best jewelry for summer.

1. Look for what's trending...

Not everyone can afford runway looks, however the runway sometimes serves as a barometer of upcoming trends. Take a look at styled accessories emerging from designer runways. What are the jewelry trends seen on models?

Most girls check out street looks to get an idea for new looks. Remember the anklet? Sexy ankles are back. Select a style that delicately caresses the ankle and matches the skin tone.

2. Celebrites are in the know...

Cate Blanchett, Sofia Vergara and Eva Mendes are Hollywood celebs who have rocked turquoise statement necklaces on the red carpet in a glamorous, modern way. These stars are great inspiration for glamming up the turquoise look.

A little turquoise goes a long way. Add turquoise jewelry for a pop of color, transforming denim, white or black outfits to bright summer look. For the office, try a minimalist take on turquoise with a subdued jewelry selection.

3. Tassel it up and let it hang

Tassel jewelry is hanging from the ears, wrist and neck of the fashion forward trendsetters this summer. Select jewelry that works best for you. If you like making a statement, then bring on the bold colors. Or try on smaller tassel jewelry for the office and a night out.

4. Ear crawlers (or climbers)

Dressing up the ear is no longer a one note wonder. Earrings are great, but not your only choice for your summer outfit. Ear crawlers add a unique flare to the ear, by climbing up pass the earlobe, lining the ear.

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