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Men's Bracelets or 'Mewelry'

Nowadays, male wrist jewelry is having a moment. Not really bracelets, but considered wristwear, the modern men's accessory is making a mark. Now, a little leather on a man is okay, and women like the single wristwear look. Throughout the years bracelets for men have appeared in fashion. In a New Yorker article 'Bracelets through the Ages' shows bracelets have taken many forms - today, leather is center stage.

Rubber wristwear with an ID centerpiece adds elegance to business or casual looks.

For a more casual look, the braided bracelets offers up an unfussy, lazy day in summer feel. And you do not have to be an adventure seeker to wear this bracelet, just a man who enjoys fun. Layer these braided men's wristwear to change up your style and personalize.

When elegance is the style that is calling, the right 'mangle' is stainliess steel or silver bracelet. ID bracelets engraved for true personalization, or edged with unique featured designs are now trending. The bracelet below is a great example of men's elegant bracelet.

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