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Killer Layered Jewelry: Pile It On Spring & Summer Fashion

Yes, pile on your best and favorite necklace, bracelets and rings.Street chic style is all about combining two or three pieces of jewelry, and really making a personal style statement. Read on for tips on layering your look. Also, take a look at how celebrities are piling on the jewelry.

Stack 'Em

Bigger isn't always better. Layer delicate necklaces, match metals for a more uniformed look. For example, the handmade necklaces below really works to add drama without the bulk.

handmade necklace

gold necklace
crystal pendant & gold necklace

Stockpile Bracelets

Use one arm or two, mix leather with silver or gold, just have fun with personalizing your look. Filigree NYC has a great collection of handmade and fashion bracelets. Mix cuff bracelets with delicate chains or stack three slim bracelets.

leather bracelet

And Rings Too...

The popularity of mid-rings have changed the look of hands. Layer new pieces with favorites for a look that yours alone. The best stack tells a story. Remember to go down one or two sizes to ensure the mid-ring is snug.

mid rings
layered rings

Create Drama With Earrings & Earcuffs

Go bold on one side with a dramatic earcuff, and simple a dangling earring. Or create your own street chic by stacking your ear with more than one earcuff.

ear cuffs

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